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Need info and/or Help


 I am a 38 yr old single mother of 2 children.  I am seeking help and  information in finding grants or  scholarships to help me go back to college.  I am seeking to take either  Holistic/Herbology/
Naturopathy Majors or Recording Arts/Audio Engineering Major .  The school either has to be near San Diego, CA (where I currently am located) or in Florida where I am supposed to be moving shortly.  Online/Distance Learning is also fine regarding the school.

Also, I am interested in starting my own business and have a few ideas.  I need help finding the right grant  for start up.

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I am a single mother of 2 children, 38 years old.  I am currently residing in southern California, soon to relocate to Florida and I am at the stage in my life where I need to continue learning, advancing my knowledge as well as my career and be able to give something back to society or the community.  I have followed a pagan path of spirituality and wish to earn a degree in Holistic healing.  If that is not yet feasible, then I wish to pursue my dream of earning a Recording Arts/Audio Engineering Degree so that I can satisfy my soul's need to create music as well as collaborating with other musicians in the industry. 

This yearning soul needs to learn as well as find ways to help me make those dreams come true, as I do not have many available funds being a single parent in the high inflated world of today.  If anyone knows any links or resources that I can access or contact for grants or scholarships I would greatly appreciate anything offered. 

Also, I wish to find information on women owned business help/resources:  start up grants/investors, and any other business assistance available to someone such as myself.  My goal in this area is to be able to pass on a successful business to my children as I make their lives easier and can provide all they need from me as a parent.  So, anyone who can assist me, I appreciate the assistance, advice or whatever it may be that is offered. 
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